East Sacramento Urgent Care Tips on Enjoying a Doggie Day Out

If you’re looking for an activity that both you and your canine best friend can enjoy, why not try running a fun walk together? The Doggy Dash 2016 presented by the Sacramento SPCA is intended to help raise funds for animals in need.

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Urgent Care Clinics: Healthy Living Ideas from the Healthy Living Expo

When you visit the Healthy Living Expo, you will have access to a vast amount of information about making changes in your life that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. These changes might involve stopping an unhealthy habit, implementing some better choices in your dietary habits or even getting tested for a medical condition that could benefit from early treatment. Providers at an East Sacramento urgent care offer these tips for putting your new information to good use. Continue reading

Beware of too Much Bacon, Warns East Sacramento Urgent Care

It’s that time of year again. As we enter the time when bacon eaters from all over the Sacramento, California come to the local restaurants to sample every type of cuisine featuring bacon, we become blissfully unaware of a deadly killer lurking behind the smoky goodness.

It is a killer so pervasive that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed it as 2013’s leading killer of American middle-aged males (age 45-54), even surpassing Cancer. That killer is called heart disease, and each year, an East Sacramento walk in clinic diagnoses thousands of cases. Continue reading

East Sacramento Urgent Care Centers: Keeping Your Bank Account Healthy

Here’s a fact: no one likes being sick.

Here’s another fact: no one likes spending a fortune on medical bills.

Indeed, it seems that getting proper medical attention while keeping a healthy bank account remains an elusive goal. Though President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act seeks to make this a reality, the fact remains that being sick will always be a major expense. Continue reading

Some useful things to know about East Sacramento urgent care services

Urgent care is here to stay as a more convenient alternative to the emergency department. Facilities like the walk-in clinics in East Sacramento, CA are available to provide services to patients in need of urgent, but non-life-threatening illnesses and ailments.

Whether you choose to visit an East Sacramento urgent care center, or go to any other such facility elsewhere in the country, it’s important to be aware of which urgent care facilities you can trust with your family’s health. Chains such as the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, for example, are trusted urgent care providers, and can give you quality treatment at reasonable prices.



East Sacramento Urgent Care Center: Why a Regular Physical is Vital

In a March 2014 Sacramento Bee article, Akhilesh Pathipati argues that healthcare (in general) is ultimately ineffective in the long run if people don’t value their health in the first place. According to Pathipati, “Economically, an estimated 75 percent of health care spending is on chronic illness, much of which is preventable.” He then proposes that future health plans should give financial incentives to people who simply stay fit.
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East Sacramento Urgent Care Examinations Address Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are among the major chronic illnesses of Americans today. Aside from improper nutrition, usually characterized by starch- and sugar-laden diets, sedentary lifestyles are also considered one of the causes. It is for this reason that California Senator Bill Monning, together with public health advocacy groups, is pushing for the enactment of a law that obliges manufacturers and distributors to place health warning labels on sugary drinks. Sharon Bernstein reports for The Sacramento Bee: Continue reading