Urgent Care Providers Share Reminders for Fun and Safe Ice Skating

Winter season is here again—the perfect time to put on skates and enjoy fun activities on ice with family and friends. If skating outdoors is just too chilly for you, try indoor ice skating at facilities such as the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink. You can leave the stocking cap, gloves, and mittens at home! Continue reading


Urgent Care Facilities Give Tips to Make the Annual Turkey Trot Safe

If you want to make your Thanksgiving extra special this year, join the Annual Elk Grove Turkey Trot this coming November 24th, 2016. This annual race is put on to benefit Courage Run!–homes that rescue children from human trafficking.

Their tagline “Run…So They Don’t Have To” is an invitation for you to show your support. In fact, your simple act of joining the Turkey Trot can do a lot in securing the future of these children. This event is certified family-friendly, not only featuring a 5K and a 10K, but also a quarter-mile Kids’ Fun Run.

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East Sacramento Urgent Care Center Shares Tips to Protect from Flu and Cold

It’s that time of the year again— there’s a surge in the number of people infected with the flu and colds, and you’re at a high risk of contracting these illnesses. It can take more than a couple of weeks to recover from the flu or a cold, and not only do you lose precious days from your job and social activities, but you also have to suffer through the sniffles, a heavy head, fever, and sore muscles.

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East Sacramento Urgent Care Center Notes Asthma Attacks Not Landlocked

As most people often say, where there’s a river, civilization won’t be far behind. After all, water is crucial not just to life but also to society, facilitating transport, commerce, sanitation, and much more. That’s why many important structures such as factories, docks, and farms are built close to such water bodies. For this reason, looking at riverside vistas is much like looking into the past. On those very shores rose the city that you know and live in.
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Race for the Arts: Health Tips from East Sacramento Walk in Clinics

The 18th Annual Race for the Arts will be held in August in William Land Park in East Sacramento. This event will feature a 5k run as well as a fun run for the kids. The highlight of the fun run is the music and arts festival that will be held in the same venue. After a good workout, participants can enjoy delicious food, listen to music, and play fun games with family and friends.
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Why You Might Need to Visit a Local Walk In Clinic After a Garden Tour

If you are planning to attend the 18th East Sac Garden Tour this May, it is a good idea to include a visit to an East Sacramento walk-in clinic as part of your itinerary. This is because the yearly tour held by the teachers, parents, and administrators of the David Lubin Elementary school involves touring seven of the most beautiful gardens in and around Sacramento’s bright, friendly neighborhood. While it’s a great way to see some of the greenest and most colorful gardens in the state, it’s also likely to trigger allergic reactions for some people.

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