Urgent Care Providers Share Reminders for Fun and Safe Ice Skating

Winter season is here again—the perfect time to put on skates and enjoy fun activities on ice with family and friends. If skating outdoors is just too chilly for you, try indoor ice skating at facilities such as the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink. You can leave the stocking cap, gloves, and mittens at home!


Though ice skating fits in with other holiday festivities, people must be reminded of the risks inherent to the sport. Your local East Sacramento urgent care provider offers a rundown of these risks and how to minimize them.

Bone Fractures

It is difficult enough to keep your balance on your own two feet, let alone while maneuvering on boots attached to the top of a blade. In the world of ice skating, there are techniques specifically meant for falling the right way and preventing serious injury. Skaters tend to brace their hands and arms in front of them to catch their fall. However, sometimes the impact is so great that this method breaks your wrists.

In case this occurs, the first thing to do is relieve any excess pressure on the affected area caused by inflammation. A compress, sling or similar should help prevent further damage by keeping the bone in place and restricted from movement. Ice can also help with the swelling, but even this should be applied with only moderate pressure.

Twisted or Sprained Ankles

If you’re not all that confident about keeping your balance on skates, it’s best that you first skate with assistance or near the edge of the rink where you can hold onto the boards. Incorrect skating technique or excessive skating can cause injury, from sprains and cramps to pulled muscles and tendons.

Another possible cause for this is ill-fitting skates. Don’t settle for just any size to simply get onto the ice. If the boot doesn’t fit, sit it out. Wearing ill-fitting skates can lead to serious injuries, such as falls that result in sprained ankles.

Wearing the proper gear is crucial for an activity like ice skating. Don’t make compromises at the risk of putting yourself in danger of injuries.

Despite your best efforts and techniques, should you incur injuries at the rink, head to an East Sacramento walk-in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. They will be able to accurately tell you how serious your injury is and what kind of treatment you need.


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