East Sacramento Urgent Care Center Shares Tips to Protect from Flu and Cold

It’s that time of the year again— there’s a surge in the number of people infected with the flu and colds, and you’re at a high risk of contracting these illnesses. It can take more than a couple of weeks to recover from the flu or a cold, and not only do you lose precious days from your job and social activities, but you also have to suffer through the sniffles, a heavy head, fever, and sore muscles.

It might be easy to get sick during flu season, but it’s even easier to prevent coming down with it. Following a few health tips from East Sacramento urgent care centers can help you escape the flu season unscathed.


Live a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the flu and colds is to keep your body healthy and strong. This strengthens your immune system, protecting you from germs and enabling you to recover faster in the event that you do get infected. Consume a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as warm drinks. In addition, make sure to get regular exercise, preferably an hour or more a day.

Get Rid of Viruses by Washing Your Hands Often

Flu and cold viruses are easily spread when an infected person touches an object you touch as well, and you can also be infected by breathing in these viruses. To minimize chances of infection, eliminate germs by washing your hands with plain soap and water. Scrub thoroughly up to your wrists and clean up under your fingernails as well.

Avoid Touching Your Hands and Nose

In addition, shore up your defenses by not touching your nose and eyes. Flu and cold viruses can easily enter your system through these areas, especially when you have germs on your hands. Not touching your eyes and nose helps you reduce the probability of catching the virus.

Go for a Flu Vaccination

Finally, remember to get your flu shot once the flu season rolls around. Studies show that these vaccines can reduce your risk of contracting the flu by as much as 60%. In addition, remember that the flu virus constantly evolves, so new types of vaccines are necessary every year to protect against fresh strains.

Finally, keep in mind that there’s no permanent cure to colds and the flu. Therefore, you might still run the risk of becoming sick. Should it happen, visit an East Sacramento walk in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, for proper care and treatment so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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