East Sacramento Urgent Care Center Notes Asthma Attacks Not Landlocked

As most people often say, where there’s a river, civilization won’t be far behind. After all, water is crucial not just to life but also to society, facilitating transport, commerce, sanitation, and much more. That’s why many important structures such as factories, docks, and farms are built close to such water bodies. For this reason, looking at riverside vistas is much like looking into the past. On those very shores rose the city that you know and live in.


Fortunately, local companies like Hornblower Cruises & Events offer riverside historical cruises to residents of Sacramento. Over the course of the hour-long ride, you are treated to a tour of many historic sites, such as Tower Bridge, the Delta King, and the Air Force Docks, to name a few. Even better, you sightsee in the comfort of a Hornblower yacht.

But before booking a tour, health care experts working in an East Sacramento urgent care facility caution passengers against the possibility of an unexpected asthma attack. Since the yacht cruises open waters, there are many outdoor triggers that might bring about an asthmatic episode.

Low Temperature

On rainy or foggy days, low temperature can trigger asthma. This is because the dryness of cold air can irritate the air passageway, thus causing an episode. If you happen to take a tour on such days, remember to breathe through your nose (not your mouth) to warm and moisten the air before it enters your lungs.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that pollution—including vehicle and industrial exhaust—can spur asthmatic episodes. But, just because you’re at sea doesn’t mean you’re free from this pollution. As it happens, smog can also hover over water bodies in certain circumstances, and there are days when air quality is particularly bad in the city. Before heading out, check weather reports to know if it’s going to be one of those days.

Caring for Asthma

Of course, there’s no telling when asthma will attack. When you’re at sea, dealing with an asthmatic episode becomes especially challenging. That’s why you need to make sure to always bring your inhaler along. Usually, a few puffs will alleviate symptoms long enough to allow you to finish the tour.

That said, always monitor your condition and don’t hesitate to visit walk-in clinics in East Sacramento, CA if your symptoms don’t improve. Being proactive with health care will prevent the serious and possibly life-threatening effects of asthma.

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