Why You Might Need to Visit a Local Walk In Clinic After a Garden Tour

If you are planning to attend the 18th East Sac Garden Tour this May, it is a good idea to include a visit to an East Sacramento walk-in clinic as part of your itinerary. This is because the yearly tour held by the teachers, parents, and administrators of the David Lubin Elementary school involves touring seven of the most beautiful gardens in and around Sacramento’s bright, friendly neighborhood. While it’s a great way to see some of the greenest and most colorful gardens in the state, it’s also likely to trigger allergic reactions for some people.

The Connection between Gardens and Allergy

There is a type of allergic reaction called Hay Fever, which is caused by trees, flowers, and grasses that release pollens into the air as a way of reproduction (called pollination). The symptoms will be familiar for people who complain of seasonal allergy, which consists of runny nose, coughing and postnasal drip, and a feeling that is akin to pinkeye due to the presence of itchiness around the eye area, watering and reddening of the eyes.


It is this similarity with the symptoms of conjunctivitis that prevent people from realizing that they have an allergic reaction to plant life, attributing what they feel to a case of pinkeye. This is buoyed by the fact that pollination can also occur during summer, when cases of pinkeye tend to spike in both frequency and severity.

Getting Urgent Care for Hay Fever

Visiting an urgent care facility is the best course of action if you’re prone to seasonal allergy and happen to attend the East Sac Garden tour. The symptoms of hay fever can be extremely discomforting and may prevent you from enjoying all the extra activities that are part of the event.

The main focus of the Tour is visiting some of the best gardens in the city, but it also includes a number of relaxing and fulfilling activities such as a catered lunch in a tea garden and a visit to an artisanal boutique where participants can buy souvenirs and gifts. These are things that you might not enjoy if you’re struggling with a runny nose and itchiness.

A quick visit to an urgent care facility can help address any discomfort you may be feeling after a day of mingling with various flora during the tour, but it will also be a good idea to visit an East Sacramento urgent care facility beforehand, as they could help you prevent an allergy from acting up in the first place.

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