East Sacramento Urgent Care Tips on Enjoying a Doggie Day Out

If you’re looking for an activity that both you and your canine best friend can enjoy, why not try running a fun walk together? The Doggy Dash 2016 presented by the Sacramento SPCA is intended to help raise funds for animals in need.

It’s certainly a great way to enjoy the day with your pet, help out other furry friends who may be in need, and just bask in the warm spring day with other fellow fur parents. While it’s all going to be fun and games, however, your East Sacramento urgent care center reminds you to take safety precautionary measures so that you can truly enjoy a worry- and injury-free day.


Protect against the Heat

You will be spending a lot of time under the sun, whether you’ll be joining the 2K or 5K walk. It’s best for you to make sure you’re hydrated all throughout the event by drinking water. Have a handy bottle by your side at all times—it should keep you and your pet refreshed as you go on with the activities.

Apart from hydration, protecting your skin is also a very important aspect you should concern yourself with. The threat of skin cancer is very real. Always wear sunblock, and wear protective coverings like cap, shades, and arm covers. This should help keep your skin safe from sun exposure that can potentially result to skin damage or injury.

Tips for Dog Bites

As much as you’d like to believe and hope that all dogs in the event will be friendly, you simply cannot take a risk about being complacent. It’s better if you’ve gotten anti-rabies shots in case you do get bitten. If you do encounter a less than friendly furry friend who ends up wanting to make a snack out of your leg, make sure to wash the bite under running water immediately for at least 5 minutes. You may use antibacterial soap, but be careful not to scrub the bitten area so as to not damage the tissue.

Upon administering first aid, head over quickly to an East Sacramento walk in clinic such as U.S. HealthWorks so that you can get the proper dog bite treatment that you need.


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