East Sacramento Urgent Care Centers: Keeping Your Bank Account Healthy

Here’s a fact: no one likes being sick.

Here’s another fact: no one likes spending a fortune on medical bills.

Indeed, it seems that getting proper medical attention while keeping a healthy bank account remains an elusive goal. Though President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act seeks to make this a reality, the fact remains that being sick will always be a major expense.

Industry News

Of course, patients aren’t really helping themselves when they take non-life-threatening conditions to emergency rooms, where services can be rather expensive. As Olga Khazan writes for TheAtlantic.com:

If you go to the emergency room in the United States, what brought you there is most likely a sprain or strain, a stomachache, or a cold-type-thing that seems unusually severe.

Either that, or it’s an injury that may or may not be a broken bone but wow-wee does it hurt. And it’s getting swollen. Better go in just in case.

Then, after an average 28-minute wait, the ER doctor will tell you that it’s just a contusion, another word for a really bad bruise. Then he’ll charge you three times more than your family doctor—or thousands of dollars, if you’re uninsured.

Perhaps out of panic, millions of people still go to ERs to have minor conditions treated. In fact, the National Health Institute estimates that between 13.7% and 27.1% of all emergency cases can be handled instead by alternative practices, such as an East Sacramento urgent care center and occupational health provider. Just how expensive can emergency treatment cost? Here’s a quick overview:

Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can make going to the bathroom an agonizing experience. However, medical costs for UTIs can sting just as much as the infection itself, with average bills costing around $665.


A lot of people visit ERs with an aching head, and just about all of them leave with aching wallets, too. According to estimates, emergency departments can charge up to $17,797 for headache treatment.


Injuries like sprains can be excruciatingly painful, which is why many people rush to ERs when they experience them. Unfortunately, doing so may end up costing you up to $ $24,110.

If you want to save considerable money on healthcare, consider visiting a trusted East Sacramento walk in clinic, like those operated by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. They have multiple branches in the city that provide top-notch medical care for a fraction of the cost of ER visits.

(Source: What Brings Americans to the ER?, TheAtlantic.com, March 03, 2014)


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