East Sacramento Urgent Care Center: Why a Regular Physical is Vital

In a March 2014 Sacramento Bee article, Akhilesh Pathipati argues that healthcare (in general) is ultimately ineffective in the long run if people don’t value their health in the first place. According to Pathipati, “Economically, an estimated 75 percent of health care spending is on chronic illness, much of which is preventable.” He then proposes that future health plans should give financial incentives to people who simply stay fit.

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While there’s no denying the strength of these arguments, “achieving good health” for everyone is quite a tall order and can only be achieved on the individual’s level. A good habit everyone should take up is to get a regular physical exam, at least once a year, via reputable medical practices and healthcare providers throughout the country. An East Sacramento urgent care center allows people with health insurance to undertake employment physical exams and physical abilities test as required in their professions. While these services have the primary purpose of securing one’s career prospects, they also have the more basic benefit of identifying potential health risks and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, medical experts believe that a lot of people miss out on important health tests that would have minimized their chances of contracting certain diseases. For example, a mammogram is largely considered the best way to fight breast cancer as this procedure detects cancerous tumors early on. Men, especially those 50 years old and above, would do well to have physical exams to minimize their chances of contracting prostate cancer.

Both genders, in any case, need to undergo cholesterol screening once every five years to prevent heart diseases. Most of these tests are offered at a reputable East Sacramento walk-in clinic run by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.

Living a healthy lifestyle, though, can do wonders for one’s health, and this is something Pathipati can agree with. Minimal intake of fatty food and alcohol, coupled with proper exercise, can do a lot to keep the doctor away. However, determining which is “minimal” and “proper” varies from person to person, so it may also be prudent for people to consult with their doctors to be sure.

(Source: Viewpoints: Rethinking preventive health care, The Sacramento Bee, March 15, 2014)