Of Insurance and Assurance: Affordable East Sacramento Urgent Care

An article on the Sacramento Bee website posted last January 21, 2014 examines how the recent health law reforms affect health insurance packages offered by employers. The health law could raise the costs of employer-sponsored health plans, which in turn can force employees to partially shoulder the cost of such programs. The article sheds some light on how such an arrangement works:

“Employees pay a portion of that total through paycheck deductions, and whether those grow will depends [sic] on the employer and the coverage. For instance, costs could rise if your coverage has to be adjusted to meet a minimum value set by the law or if your employer winds up covering more people.

The overhaul also requires coverage of a list of benefits considered essential, including things like mental health treatments and pediatric dental and vision care. A company’s costs could rise if they don’t already cover everything on that list. That could then be passed on to employees.

Taxes and fees required by the law also could add to insurance bills.”

Employees who enjoy company-sponsored health insurance plans should technically get the most out of their health benefits, although having to pay a little extra can rub some workers the wrong way. Part-time workers have it worse, and might not even have any coverage to begin with. Those who can’t fully rely on HMO coverage can turn to East Sacramento urgent care centers such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group for affordable health care.

Of Insurance and Assurance: Affordable East Sacramento Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities are designed to provide treatment and medical care to anyone, regardless of health insurance coverage. A number of these establishments even offer lower co-pay than HMO facilities, which is certainly advantageous to those on tight budgets. On top of fair pricing, a reputable East Sacramento walk in clinic also provides quality medical care comparable to larger medical establishments.

(Article Information and Image from Insurance through work? Health law affects you too, Sacramento Bee, January 21, 2014)